Our Nurseries and Day-care centers

We consider our out of school care to be the extension of our early life care. We believe the educational value given through our day-care such as socialisation and evolving among piers is one that cannot be found in schooling. Of course we offer continuity between the family and the school as we are here to help conciliate family life with work life for the parents.

Much more than a nursery, our day-car centre puts an emphasis on the personal development of every child. Our multidisciplinary team is here to greet your children in the mornings before school, at lunch time and for different educational, active and fun activities outside their school hours.

At Villa Wichtel, we give a personalised welcome to every family. The guardianship arrangements are established according to your needs. And our stretched opening times offer a much needed flexibility especially when both parents work.

villawichtel foyer
  • > Homework support.
  • > We take care of transportation for all recreational and active activities on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons.
  • > We organise special activities during school holidays (cinema, picnics, visits…).
  • > A dedicated team of qualified professionals: educators, teachers, …