Our educational values

The Villa Wichtel facilities aim to boost child development especially regarding their motor, intellectual and creative skills. To achieve such goals we use different activities whether they be individual or in groups such as educational games, stories, puppets, painting, culinary activities ...

socio affectif

Whilst considering the child's specific personality and emotions, our facilities aim to guaranty an emotional security helping the child develop and gain self esteem.

A child gains independence by being given responsibilities such as tidying up, respecting supplies and personal effects, respecting instructions. It is very important to praise and encourage a child during his learning process.

Our facilities encourage children to gain independence according to their potential (eating alone, getting dressed, getting washed, and brushing their teeth's…)

Our educational team's mission is to be attentive to every child's needs and establish a trusting relationship with them to facilitate their group integration.

Children will learn to live in a community by listening, respecting, sharing, being tolerant and collaborating with other during activities. The adjustment period your child will go through at his arrival symbolises his entering of a community and we consider it to be most important especially as it can sometimes be difficult to go through.